Here we are again, in the pre-guest-arrival cleaning frenzy.

We did a little bit better with preparation this year. Not quite so hectic as some prior years. Still have stuff to do today, but it isn’t frenetic. I posted pics of the drink table on G+ and Facebook on the event page. Probably only need a couple more bottles that we have run out of in the past year. And of course, the usual mix of beerey things. Need to find my darts. They seem to have misplaced themselves in the post-flood misadventures.

All in all, looking good. Very much looking forward to seeing everyone planning on attending, and will tip a glass to those who couldn’t make it this year (and you know who you are).

– G

We have more food than we know what to do with. Eat, people, eat!

TomA should be over soon. Ella will be getting home from work about the same time. Kids are both at daycare until we go get them. Calm before the storm, as it were. Predictions: Friday night will be quiet this year I think, with Saturday afternoon being maybe among the busiest we’ve ever had. We’ll see what carries over into Saturday night. No idea on Sunday. That is always wholly dependent on who is still around and who isn’t too hung over. So we’ll see. Time for last minute cleanup and … away… we … go.

– G

Once again we reach the end of another Geostock. A little different tenor to the occasion this time, for any variety of reasons. Friday night turned out to be the “party” night this time. No real party victims, per se, although a couple people were driven home who were no longer capable of providing their own vehicular control. Unless I’m completely off my mark, I do believe a good time was had by all.

Looking forward to next year…

And we’ve begun anew, refreshes from our nocturnal musings and once again thrust into the light of the new day, good friends, and abundant mental lubrication. First round of grilling done, Marcia brownies consumed, and a couple new bottles of liquor introduced and sampled (thanks Todd and Charles!!). WOOT!

– Geo

Drink the fucking absinthe, maggot!

– Rockstar

Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.

– Ami

They’re not tits, they’re hanging testicles.

– possibly Lemur, but there is some question

The George W. Bush has to be a NOOKULAR sub.

– All

Except for the fact that she peed on herself, she was pretty hot.


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